Limited Warranty, Product Warranty Insurance & Service Contract Solutions

Limited Warranty, Product Warranty Insurance & Service Contract Solutions

Companies often look for options to offer their clients a longer product limited warranty yet transfer the risk to a solid insurance company or service contract provider.

These programs work well with new technology items where the product creators want to focus on the design of their product, highly competitive industries where a longer "backed" warranty offers a competitive differentiator or where a consumer pays a monthly or annual membership fee and the seller wishes to offer a warranty as long as the consumer is a subscriber or member.

Perfect Solution for:
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Computers
  • Mobile Technology
  • LED Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Digital Home Solutions related to the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Devices, Connected Devices
  • Custom Commercial Products
  • Music Instruments
  • Exercise and Sporting Equipment
  • Automotive, Powersports and Marine Products
Balance Sheet Relief with a Single One-Time Cost
For a single one-time payment a Limited Warranty extension provides coverage for up to 10 years after a short retention period. This innovative solution allows a client to offer a competitive Limited Warranty and not be required to maintain a claims reserve on their balance sheet beyond the retention.

Up to 10 Years of Coverage Available
Various programs exist, depending on the product type, to provide coverage for parts, labor or parts & labor for up to 10 years from the original product purchase date. The term includes a limited OEM (original manufacturer) warranty retention and then all liability falls to the carrier or service contract provider. The program can cover parts or parts and labor, depending on the needs of a client.

Fully Underwritten Insurance Solution
These programs utilize insurance carriers who understand this business and the obligations of the Warranty or Service Contract are insured by a contractual liability insurance policy.

Mike Frosch, Principal of Personal Safeguards Group, LLC assists OEMs, Dealers, Manufacturers, VARs and Solution Providers develop custom Warranty Solutions to extend the Limited Warranty or create Service Contract (Extended Warranty) programs.